Book Project:

A Transcendental Poetics of Modernity

Autopoetic Lebenswelten and the dream-templates of the city - Studies on the meaning of the phantasmagoria in the age of reason.


 from 08/2018



Defense Talk for Dissertation:

“The Surreal City – Urban Modernity between  Phantasmagoria and Reality”​
 degree: (Dr. phil.) "summa cum laude"



Visiting Ph.D.

Columbia University (NYC)
Department for Germanic Languages and Literatures
DAAD Scholarship

field studies for Ph.D. project: "The Surreal City"
book project: "New York: Textures of a dying Modernity"

02/2008 – 07/2011

European Masters

Comparative Urban Studies at University of Urbino (Italy) 

with a focus on urban governance 

Thesis: “The Cyborg City. Landscapes of Stories - Artifacts and Socio-Narrative Figurations in Urban Space.” (Grade A)

08/2006 – 11/2007

Master in Sociology (Magister Artium)

minors: Psychology, Occupational and Economical Studies


Grade 1.2 (very good=1.0; failed=6.0)

Thesis: “City Planning as a Creation of Urban Reality - A Qualitative Research on Urban Planning Processes” (grade 1.0); 270 CP (ECTS)

09/1996 – 12/2003